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How to Buy HCG Injections

ampule and syringeWhen you are looking to buy HCG diet injections you should be careful as there are several HCG injection retailers who sell illegal homeopathic products or other products that are not regulated for their quality. HCG should never be able to be purchased without a prescription, however there are several retailers that sell HCG online and offline without a prescription. HCG can only be safely and legally purchased after a prescription has been given for the hormone by a licensed medical professional, and the hormone must be produced at a licensed and certified pharmacy. Buying the hormone any other way is risky, and you may end up purchasing something that does not have any HCG in it at all, or a product that may have dangerous ingredients.

When you buy HCG diet injections, look for a company that offers a medication consultation as well as information on how to perform the injections at home. DietDifferently is one of the few companies that provides you with a detailed medical consultation prior to prescribing you HCG injections, and also offers you detailed information on how to self-inject the hormone at home. Injecting the hormone can be very safe, and as long as you purchase the hormone from a reputable provider like DietDifferently there are no risks to your health. The problems occur when you try to use unlicensed providers that may save a small amount of money, but also put your health at risk unnecessarily.

Be sure that you get detailed information

The most important thing to consider when buying HCG diet injections is the reputability and professionalism of the company, and the information that they provide you with regarding the hormone and its use. The HCG hormone has to be carefully administered over a period of 26 or 46 days in a specified dosage that may vary anywhere between 125 to 200 IU per day. You need to meet with a medical professional prior to starting the HCG diet to determine the proper and safest dose for you. Some people may need a smaller dose while others may need a larger dose, and the right dose is best determined by a medical professional.

You need detailed information on how to inject the hormone to avoid injury, and you will also need to follow the proper HCG diet protocol to ensure that the foods you eat do not interact with the hormone or affect it in any way. Many of the retailers that sell HCG without a prescription do not provide you with detailed information on how to inject the hormone or with a diet protocol, and you may be left on your own to have to research these important areas. This is far from an ideal situation and the chances of you making a mistake with the diet or with the injections is fairly high when you have to do your own research. You may not find the right relevant information online, and you never want to self-administer the HCG diet.

The HCG diet should not be performed without medical supervision

Online retailers who sell HCG through unlicensed pharmacies do not offer medical consultations or any type of professional advice prior to starting the diet. This is a major disadvantage for you if you are looking to start the diet safely, as having access to a medical professional is critical during the first few days of the diet. DietDifferently is one of the few HCG diet providers that offers a full medical consultation and medical supervision for the critical first week of the diet. Dieters can get detailed information on how to self-inject the hormone safely at home, how to rotate injection sites to avoid injury, and information on the proper dosage.

Other HCG diet providers do not offer this service because they do not have professional staff, and are simply selling the hormone through a source which may have questionable quality and purity. When you purchase the hormone from one of those retailers, you are taking a major risk to your health, and most of the time you will end up saving a minimal amount of money. With the HCG diet you always want to have access to a medical professional because you may have questions about the diet during the first week. You may have concerns about self-injecting the hormone or you may experience unique symptoms that you have questions about. Medical professionals can help you with many aspects of the diet, but most retailers won’t offer this important service to you and will just sell you the injections without much supplementary information.

Don’t take risks with HCG injections

When you purchase HCG injections for unreliable retailers you run the risk of damaging your health. There is no way to guarantee the quality and purity of the HCG you are receiving. In many cases the product you may receive may not have any active HCG in it at all. There are very specific and detailed requirements involved in producing HCG safely and effectively in an injectable format. DietDifferently follows FDA and USP guidelines for HCG hormone production, and the purity and safety of their injections are guaranteed.

Any company that provides HCG without a detailed and thorough evaluation of your health, and without the use of a licensed pharmacy is not worth your time or money. DietDifferently is a professional and trustworthy provider of HCG injections, drops and pellets and will take the time to ensure that the diet is perfectly safe for you before prescribing the hormone to you. Purchasing the injectable hormone from DietDifferently is easy and you will receive a full medical consultation before you are even prescribed the hormone.

Always be wary of any retailer who is willing to sell you the hormone without any medical consultation. The HCG diet is safe for the vast majority of people, however you need to be evaluated prior to starting the diet, as you may have unique health considerations to take into account. You may also be one of the few who are not well-suited for the HCG diet, and if that is the case there are other options available from DietDifferently such as the Ultra Burn program.

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