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The HCG Diet is a Safe and Effective Way to Lose Weight Fast

The HCG diet is one of the safest and most effective ways to lose weight and it can be safely tried by anyone who is interested in losing up to 40 pounds or more of body fat. As long as the diet is administered by medical professionals it is safe to use for weight loss, however many HCG diet providers do not use medical professionals to oversee the diet. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin which is a hormone produced during pregnancy by a part of the placenta. HCG serves many different functions during a pregnancy and one of its main functions is to ensure that the developing embryo has a sufficient and consistent level of energy.

The HCG diet is effective for anyone looking to quickly and safely lose weight, and it is has been used by hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world without major side effects or issues. It has seen a reemergence in popularity recently due to media coverage and more information being released about the diet. The HCG diet results in rapid weight loss over a three week or six week period of time, and there are significant health benefits with the diet. The diet has some challenges during the first week, it is a very low calorie diet with several dietary and lifestyle restrictions. After the first week of the diet it is much easier as the body becomes accustomed to the diet and the metabolism adjusts.

The HCG hormone targets abnormal fat

One of the major benefits of the diet is that the HCG hormone targets “abnormal fat” – or the unnecessary fat that people find undesirable. Abnormal fat is stored in the abdomen, thighs, arms, legs, and in other parts of the body, and it is this type of fat that is difficult to target. Most diets result in the loss of structural and reserve fat before or while abnormal fat is being metabolized. The HCG diet is unique because the hormone focuses on burning abnormal fat while sparing structural and reserve fat. Structural fat is used in the body to cushion the organs and provides insulation and definition, while reserve fat is the normal healthy fat reserves that ever person needs during fasting periods.

The HCG diet causes fat reduction in some of the most stubborn places on the body, and it burns this fat quickly. This is one of the main benefits of the diet, as other diets do not target abnormal fat as effectively. It also limits your food choices only to natural foods that will help your body reduce abnormal fat. The majority of HCG dieters are pleased with the results of the diet, and it offers them one of the fastest and most effective ways to lose weight. Dieters have a reduced body fat percentage once the diet has been completed, along with several pounds lost and a better defined and leaner body.

Exercise is not needed on the diet

For those who have little time to exercise, the HCG diet offers a lot in terms of convenience and effectiveness. Exercise is not required at all on the diet, while other diets commonly require some level of exercise. The diet causes the body to go into a ketogenic state for a period of three weeks or six weeks, and during this period of time fat loss occurs. Those who have active lifestyles or jobs that require them to move around a lot can still participate in the HCG diet without adverse effects, and dieters with extensive exercise regimens must pause their exercise routine during the diet. People who have active lifestyles can consume higher levels of protein on the diet in order to compensate for their energy needs, but this should be discussed with a medical professional prior to starting the diet.

Weight loss of up to 1 pound per day can occur on the diet without any exercise whatsoever, but walking up to 25 minutes per day is recommended for those with sedentary lifestyles, as a small amount of exercise can be helpful during the diet. There is a three to six week period of time called Phase 2 where the very low calorie diet must be followed, and after this period of time a regular exercise routine can resume during Phase 3 or the stabilization phase of the diet. During Phase 3 the calorie level is increased to a minimum of 800 per day and rigorous exercise can resume at that point or resistance training, as the HCG injections or drops will be stopped by then.

Both obese people and people with smaller weight loss goals can try the diet

Obese patients can greatly benefit from the HCG diet because it is an excellent alternative to gastric bypass surgery or other dangerous obesity treatments. The HCG is safe and works wonders for obese patients, as they can lose up to 40 or more pounds with the six week diet, and the six week diet is usually recommended. Surgery is a very risky option for obesity treatment and the HCG offers an alternative that won’t have side effects or permanent problems like surgery. Many obese patients are unaware of the benefits of the HCG diet so they end up trying more drastic options for weight control.

The diet can be repeated for several rounds, so people with over 40 pounds to lose can still use the diet to achieve their weight loss goals even though they most likely won’t lose more than 45 pounds during the first run of the diet. The HCG diet protocol must also be learned as there are strict requirements for food choices, and there are other requirements such as avoiding any and all types of fat including products that may contain oils or fats in them. Fats can be absorbed by the skin and they affect the function of the hormone. The dietary requirements can be a challenge to stick to, however the hormone makes the diet easier as it suppresses the appetite and ensures that energy levels are maintained throughout the diet. Get more information on how to start the HCG diet here.

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