HCG Injections: Why And How They Work

hcg injections If there was an award for the most controversial weight loss method out there, you could probably safely put your money on HCG injections winning it!

But it’s hard to deny the proven results of patients who have previously been overweight claiming to have lost 30 to 40 pounds within weeks into their HCG weight loss program; including celebrities such as Jenni Farley and beauty queen Janet Bierer. New scientifically backed studies supporting these claims might convince you take a closer and more objective look at what HCG injections really do and how they can help you drop those unwanted pounds quickly and safely.

Not all cases of weight loss are created equal

You can ask experts of bariatric medicine, obesity specialists, and weight loss physicians, and many of them will tell you that 25% of the individuals who come to their clinic for help have:

  • Adopted a strict dieting plan before
  • Rapidly lost 30 to 40 pounds (sometimes even more)
  • Regained those lost pounds and sometimes more

Not all cases of weight loss are considered healthy for the body. Sometimes, you have to look beyond what the scale is telling you despite how seemingly pleasant the results. When you undergo a strict, low-calorie diet (less than 1200 calories), it’s not just the stubborn, useless body fat you are burning. Unfortunately, muscle tissue can suffer. And remember, the heart is a muscle!

And here’s something really alarming: When muscle loss occurs from a very low calorie diet, the body’s metabolism and fat-burning processes are disrupted. You may then start to feel weak, nauseous, and the dreaded hunger pangs begin to set in. We all know too well where this road leads to… overeating and weight gain!

So the question now is: “Is there any way to ‘selectively’ lose weight, burn only fat, and leave the muscles intact while keeping the weight off?” Fortunately, there is a way. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is the answer.

Selective weight loss – HCG Injections FTW!

When asked which patient profile the HCG diet and injections are most suitable for, Dr. Sheri Emma, a well-known nutritionist and dietician, stated that the the diet is perfect for “people in their 40’s who can’t lose the last 30 pounds despite trying everything.” If that sounds a lot like you, read on.

In a double-blind, placebo controlled study led by Dr. Emma with 59 female patients participating, HCG injections and their allegedly miraculous weight loss effects, were put to the test. The intervention group of 29 females were given HCG shots on a regular basis. The placebo group, on the other hand, were treated with only saline solution injections. While both groups received the same attention and diet instruction from Dr. Emma, their results significantly differed.

On average, the HCG group lost 0.5 to 1lb per day with one of the patients losing as much as 75 lbs. after the complete study! Below are a few other astounding results.

– One female lost 45 pounds in 5 months without suffering from hunger pangs, stomach spasms, or sudden dip in energy levels.

– Another patient dropped 55 pounds. More importantly, she kept the weight off for two years (and still counting) after taking the HCG shots.

It sounds very convincing, doesn’t it? But remember, it’s also important to look beyond weight loss and what the scale is telling us. And Dr. Emma did just that. She measured the muscle mass of both groups and compared them. Here are the results:

The intervention group, which received HCG shots on top of their low calorie diet and light exercise regimen, lost only 2 pounds of muscle mass throughout the study. The placebo group, on the other hand, lost 5 pounds of muscle mass. This translated to a massive 41% difference (in the amount of muscle mass lost) between the two groups!

The point is clear: HCG injections, combined with a low-calorie diet, can lead to safe and rapid weight loss all while making sure that the pounds lost are from unwanted, unhealthy body fat and not muscle. Incorporating HCG along with the diet, allowed Dr. Emma’s patients to keep the pounds off after taking the HCG injections.

This is a far cry from the results delivered by invasive, and possibly dangerous, surgeries like Gastric Bypass Procedures (GBP for short). For those of you who are unfamiliar with GBP, this procedure involves dividing the stomach into two pouches (one is smaller and the other is larger) and then reconnecting the intestines to both.

This leads to a significant decrease in the stomach’s functional volume, helping to curb hunger and help you feel fuller and more satisfied for longer periods of time with less food. Since the food will not pass through other parts of the stomach, the calories from the food you eat will not be fully absorbed by the body…resulting in weight loss.

It is true that Gastric Bypass surgery also alters your physiological and physical response to food. Patients who have this procedure do not typically struggle with hunger pangs, spasms, etc. However, with this procedure being similar to other extremely low-calorie diets without HCG, there is nothing to protect your muscles from impending breakdown. And this can be very dangerous for your health!

Planning to use HCG injections? Here are some important points:

1. Low calorie diet is a MUST – With all the testimonials and raving reviews from consumers and weight watchers like you, you might be led to think that the only thing you need in order to lose weight is the wonder hormone HCG itself.

But while HCG is indeed an amazing hormone, purely taking it doesn’t automatically lead to weight loss. HCG unlocks fat stores and acts as a protector to make sure muscle mass is not lost and low-calorie dieting is tolerable throughout the program. Dieting this way will help keep you healthy and help keep the weight from coming back again.

A 500 calorie (low calorie diet) and HCG injections should ALWAYS go together!

2. Dr. Simeons’ dosing levels are still effective – Dr. Simeons’ HCG diet discovery was groundbreaking, and his recommended dosing levels are still effective for the best fat loss and muscle mass retention. Clinical studies have revealed that following the original diet protocol, even in dosing, is the best way to go for the biggest benefit. Here at DietDifferently, you get HCG injections, drops, or pellets at very potent but safe doses!

3. Light exercise is okay- While it is not recommended to hit the gym and work out strenuously, engaging in light-to-moderate exercises and activities can go a long way in helping retain muscle mass, which is very important as we’ve learned; especially in weight maintenance long term. Calorie burning through exercise will not accelerate or speed up weight loss in any way while on the program.

4. Get HCG injections only from licensed US pharmacies – Unfortunately, many fly-by-night and unlicensed pharmacies and online drug vendors rode the wave created by HCG to profit. Steer clear from these scams and their so-called ‘homeopathic’ or ‘hormone-fee,’ fraudulent HCG!

With DietDifferently, you get nothing less than 100% real HCG Injections from a licensed US pharmacy. And with our easy-to-use website, ordering prescription HCG is just a few clicks away.

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