What you should know before you buy HCG

buy hcgYou’ve seen it on TV, heard it on the radio, and you may have even read about it in the newspaper. HCG has taken the weight loss world by storm. And with raving reviews and testimonials proving HCG’s fat-melting power, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re already itching to draw out your credit card and buy HCG right here, right now.

But it’s also important to take a step back and NOT buy HCG until you fully understand what you’re getting. Here are the 4 facts you should know before you start the HCG diet program:

What is HCG?

It was back in 1927 when HCG was first seen in action and noticed in pregnant women. Known as human chorionic gonadotropin, HCG has many roles, especially in pregnancy. What has attracted many doctors and researchers to this hormone is its ability to ensure that a developing fetus gets the calories and nutrients it needs to develop despite the mother’s caloric and nutritional intake during pregnancy.

For women, excess calories can sometimes settle in ALL the wrong places – buttocks, thighs, hips, abdomen, etc. A possible reason for this fat storage and accumulation could be from hormones prepping the body for a baby at some point.

Once a woman becomes pregnant, HCG triggers a cellular response that releases fat from problematic parts of the body. The stored fat that is released makes its way to the developing fetus. So even if the mother is unable to consume sufficient calories and nutrients to support her baby’s development, her stored fat reserves are pulled to nourish the fetus.

Who discovered the weight loss benefits of HCG?

Because HCG is a gonadotropic hormone, its originally use was to increase testosterone in males and induce ovulation in women. It was during 1930 when a British physician, Dr. ATW Simeons, noticed that the young male patients treated with HCG for underdeveloped genitals also began to lose significant amounts of weight. What was even more surprising was that while the boys were eating much less than they normally would, they did not experience side effects associated with dramatically reduced food intake such as:

  • Hunger Pangs
  • Lower energy levels
  • Fatigue
  • And others

After this finding, Dr. Simeons’ interest in HCG heightened as a possible weight loss treatment. The English physician then dedicated 2 decades to researching and eventually, unlocking the pound-shedding potential of HCG. The result: a research manuscript explaining in detail the hormone’s weight loss benefits, and, more importantly, a very effective diet plan to use in conjunction with HCG for accelerated fat loss.

Fast forward to today and Dr. Simeon’s HCG-powered diet regimen is still being used by celebrities such as Jersey Shore’s Snooki and pop singer Britney Spears. And even without celebrity status, HCG is making it possible for even the average Joe to drop pounds in a very short period of time, and keep those pounds off!

Why does HCG work for weight loss?

It’s important to not only know the history behind the HCG diet, but also understand why it is considered effective as a weight loss treatment.

Unlike other weight loss aids and supplements, HCG interacts directly with the hypothalamus, which is an important part of the brain that controls several key functions within the body and is also known to control fat storage and metabolism. Whether you are male or a female, the presence of HCG in the body triggers the same cellular response that releases fat reserves to the blood stream and then converts it to energy. It’s this response induced by HCG that’s the key to weight loss from stored fat.

HCG injections, drops, or the pellet method are taken in conjunction with a very low-calorie diet (VLCD). The diet regimen requires daily dosing of HCG while maintaining the 500-calorie daily intake.

Under normal circumstances, limiting your calorie intake to 500 calories per day would result in starvation. While doing this can potentially lead to some weight loss, this is very dangerous and will inevitably lead to intense hunger pangs, low energy levels and fatigue, as well as a host of other problems. When these problems arise, a typical dieting pattern mistake usually follows: The dieter breaks down and then goes back to their weight-gaining eating habits and lifestyle…and all of the pounds he/she lost are regained, plus a little extra!

However, a 500-calorie diet combined with HCG is completely different. With the hormone present in the body, it won’t be necessary to rely on daily food consumption for nutrients and energy. Instead, your fat reserves are utilized for energy, and important structural fat as well as muscle tissue are spared in the process. Because of this fat burning, ketosis, effect, hunger is deterred and not a problem for most.

Where can I buy HCG drops, pellets, and injections?

All it takes is a quick search through a search engine to see all of the different websites and online pharmacies that sell HCG shots and supplements. But buyer, beware! Not all of these websites are legit!

The FDA is waging an on-going battle against suspicious, online HCG suppliers. This crackdown is not implying that HCG is unsafe, but simply that HCG, should be prescription strength and given only through a clinic or online company with a licensed physician. With innumerable websites and stores selling so-called ‘homeopathic’ and ‘hormone free’ HCG that can be dangerous and ineffective, the following questions should be considered before you buy HCG online:

  • Is it from a reputable company that deals only with licensed US pharmacies?


  • Am I getting 100% real, prescription HCG, or am I getting the homeopathic version that doesn’t deliver any benefit and can be dangerous to my health?
  • Do they go beyond supplying just the HCG hormone itself ensuring that I get enough support and professional advice on how to get the most out of my HCG diet experience?

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