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About the Loading Days of the HCG Diet

loading on the hcg dietThe loading days of the HCG diet require you to eat as many high fat foods as possible, for two to three days, while you start your HCG injections. It may seem counter-intuitive that a diet starts by eating as many high fat foods as possible, but the HCG diet does in fact start off this way, and it is absolutely necessary in order for the diet and the hormone to work properly for you. When you load during the first few days of the diet, you restore your natural fat reserves, which can be depleted for several different reasons. Loading during the first few days of the diet will also make the diet much easier for you.

You won’t be as likely to cheat during the first week of the diet, and the hormone will also work better from the beginning of the diet. The HCG hormone needs a few days in order to activate and start working properly, and during those few days you will be increasing your reserve fat levels so that once HCG starts working your body will be prepared to metabolize abnormal fat. If you skip the loading days the first week of the diet will be much more difficult because you will be hungrier, and the hormone may not work as effectively from the start of the diet.

You will gain a little weight and then lose it

During the loading days of the HCG diet you will likely gain a bit of weight, about one to three pounds, and some of the weight gain may be due to water retention from the foods that you eat. The key is to eat as many natural foods as possible so that you keep your sodium levels low. You will gain a bit of weight, but you don’t really even need attention to the weight gain, because you will definitely lose it during the first week. Once the diet starts you can expect that you will also lose some water weight as your body sheds it excess sodium levels, so some of the weight loss will be water weight, but after the first few days of the diet you will be losing excess body fat, including any fat you may have gained during the first few loading days.

Also, it should be mentioned that it is important to restore your reserve fat levels before you start the diet so that you have a constant level of reserve fat available throughout the diet. If you don’t start the diet with the proper levels of reserve fat, you will definitely not gain them on the HCG diet, as there is virtually no fat allowed on the diet. By having the proper levels of reserve fat available, your metabolism will function optimally while HCG is burning your abnormal fat. HCG does not target reserve fat, so you will maintain reserve fat levels for the entire length of the diet. Get more information on the HCG diet here.

Foods to eat during the loading phase

There are a variety of foods to choose from during the loading phase that aren’t loaded with harmful chemicals or compounds that can cause negative effects or interfere with the hormone. Again, during the loading phase you want to focus on eating natural foods that are high in fat, not just any processed foods or junk foods that are high in fat. Dairy fats are recommended including full fat cheeses, full fat milk, and butter. Meats like sausage, sardines, eggs with the yolk, and other meats that are high in fat can be eaten during this phase, and organic meats are recommended. Vegetable sources of fats such as avocados, coconuts and olives can be eaten liberally.

Fatty fish are a great source of fat during the loading days, and fatty fish are preferred over meats because of their high omega-3 and omega-6 fat content. Grain fed organic beef can also be a healthier source of fat, or organic chicken with the skin. Walnuts, flaxseed oil, and flaxseeds are all good sources of omega-3 fatty acids as well. Try to keep your food sources as natural as possible, and definitely avoid trans fats. Be careful with dairy products, you don’t want to consume too many of them during the loading phase but you are free to use them with your meals.

Avoid consuming fat in combination with sugar and starches

Avoid eating fat in combination with sugars and starches during the loading phase, this can actually be a negative because some nutritional experts think that consuming fat in combination with starches and sugars can cause a more rapid weight gain than eating starches or sugars alone. Dr. Simeons, the creator of the HCG diet also warned against combining fats with sugars and starches. So, when you are loading keep the food choices limited mostly to the sources of healthier fats, and try to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with your meals. Limit your consumption of foods like desserts, candy, grains, rice, starches, pasta, and other foods that are high in starch or sugar.

With the loading days you will have a much easier time during the first week of the diet, and your reserve fat will be at a normal level, which will help you feel full and satiated throughout the length of the diet, even though it is a very low calorie diet. Keep in mind when you calculate the weight that you lost, you should take your weight prior to starting the loading days, because the weight that you gain during the loading days really does not count. Again, much of the weight gain and loss during those few days will be water weight, as it takes several days of high calorie eating in order to actually gain one pound of fat. Loading will only help you maximize your results on the HCG diet, and as mentioned previously exercise a bit of caution with the foods that you decide to eat during the phase, and you will likely see better results during the first week of the diet and beyond.

Get more information on the HCG diet protocol and how to get started with the diet here.

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