hCG Diet – How To Satisfy Your Tummy And Taste-Buds…And LOSE WEIGHT!

What’s So Special About This HCG Diet Protocol?

hcg diet protocolAssuming you’ve done your research and have read a good amount of information here at DietDifferently, you would probably agree that the circumstantial evidence along with proven results surrounding hCG diet are convincing.

Despite some unfavorable disapprovals and criticisms against using human chorionic gonadotropin as a weight loss aid, hcG-supporters have been able to lose substantial amounts of weight when no other diet or exercise plan worked for them.

Numerous celebrities such as Britney Spears, Jenni Farley, and even Snooki; women in their 40’s; have dropped unwanted weight (some as much as 75 pounds!) and were able to keep it off thanks to hCG!

That being said, taking hCG alone won’t get you there. HCG helps to prevent the loss of muscle mass while on a low calorie diet; making sure that the pounds you shed come purely from stored fat NOT precious muscle.

In order to lose weight, hCG injections, drops, or pellets must be combined with a ketosis enhancing, low-calorie diet. Dr. Simeons original weight loss protocol involves limiting your caloric intake to 500.

Low-calorie diets, in general, have received a lot of bad publicity.

– It’s just a complex name for “starving yourself.”

– It’s flavorless and unappetizing.

– It lacks nutrition.

– It’s impossible to keep the weight off.

– It takes the joy out of eating.

These are just some of unfavorable words and phrases that have been attached to low-calorie diets over the years. Unfortunately, this negative mindset towards low-calorie diets has spilled over to human chorionic gonadotropin diet. But when done right, the low-calorie hCG diet can be VERY effective in shedding those unwanted pounds, keeping the weight off, and even satisfying your cravings!

Donatella Arpaia weight Loss success with HCG Diet

hcg diet

Donatella Arpaia is certainly surrounded by food all the time. After all, she’s a chef with an on-going show on the Food Network, but she is no stranger to weight problems, and she has finally found a weight loss solution that helped her more than anything else she tried.

Despite her celebrity-status, Donatella’s previous dilemma was very similar to what an average woman in her 40’s typically experiences. After giving birth, she gained a substantial amount of weight…so much weight, in fact, that her husband even bought her a treadmill. The exercise didn’t help her much and unfortunately, neither did strict dieting.

What did help her lose weight and regain her former splendid figure was the hCG diet. She underwent two 3.5 week-cycles of the hCG protocol, which combines daily hCG and a low-calorie diet (500 calories). The results were impressive: For each cycle, she lost 15 pounds and dropped about 5 more pounds even after the diet!

Donatella lost 35 pounds within 2 months without suffering from hunger pangs, a drop in energy level, or muscle loss. And in case you’re wondering, she has been able to keep the weight off.

A Friendly Reminder You Shouldn’t Forget

Now, you don’t have to be a Food Network celebrity or chef to come up with low-calorie recipes that go hand-in-hand with hCG. At DietDifferently, we not only provide a comprehensive HCG protocol guide, but we also offer a unique recipe guide with tasty recipes that are satisfying, nutritious, and will help you lose weight!

Before you head to a fresh food market, keep this in mind: low-calorie dieting alone with no HCG, no matter how tasty and nutritious, is not enough to help you lose weight. Yes, you may lose a few pounds, but those pounds are not from fat but from water and muscle. It’s only a matter of time before your body weight yo-yo’s back and regains all the lost pounds…plus more. Dieting this way only destroys the metabolism and makes the weight pile on more quickly in the future.

Adding hCG along with a 500-calorie diet will keep you from experiencing hunger pangs and energy loss while losing weight, and will help you keep the weight off FOR GOOD!

Here at DietDifferently, you get nothing less than 100% REAL prescription hCG that works; not homeopathic or fake hormone. Our hCG injections, drops, and pellets come from a US licensed pharmacy that has undergone strict licensing regulation to make sure you get the REAL product that delivers REAL and lasting results!

Order today and experience the difference that a pure, prescription hCG Diet can make!

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